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Lancaster Canal DVD
Another great pair of canal DVDs are released from Waterway Routes covering the .

Starting with the Ribble Link, leaving the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Tarleton Lock, we cross the exciting tidal stretches of the River Douglas and the River Ribble before climbing the locks of the Ribble Link to reach the lock free Lancaster Canal main line.

Gentle cruising covers the navigable length of the main line to Preston and Tewitfield, plus the locks of the Glasson Branch descending to reach Glasson Basin.

Covering the Northern Reaches on foot, we see progress with the restoration work on our journey to Kendal, with glorious scenery along the way.
Lancaster Canal DVDs
These are 1 hour DVDs retailing at £12.95 for the Popular version (rather like a television programme) and £7.95 for the Bowcam version (a speeded up forward facing camera for a little fun).

There’s also a Combined version at £19.90, with both Popular and Bowcam in one box saving £1 on the separate prices (and at least 90p postage).

They are in stock now, just waiting for you to order them, or any from our great range of canal DVDs.
Lancaster Canal Cruising Maps
These DVDs are supported by the Lancaster Canal Cruising Maps, available in Acrobat (pdf) and memory-Map (qct) formats.

Best of all, the Lancaster Canal (Northern Reaches) Cruising Maps, which cover the northern section under restoration are free to download, as the maps for all the restoration projects we have mapped.

The Lancaster Canal DVDs (and all the Waterway Routes DVDs) as well as lots of other great ideas for Christmas will also be available from The Canal Shop Company (as soon as the postman delivers the box to Neil).

Posted on Friday, 6 December 2013 at 17:28

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I'm busy editing the Lancaster Canal DVDs after filming the Ribble Link and Lancaster Canal this summer.

I'm double checking the facts I've put in the draft commentary and these included a mention that Tewitfield is the most northerly point you can navigate to on the main canal system.

A little Googling shows some sites claim Ripon as the most northerly point while others claim Tewitfield. Time to establish a few facts.
Limit of Navigation at Tewitfield
I looked at the Ordnance Survey (OS) Grid Reference which shows
SD 51912 73622 for Tewitfield
SE 31565 70848 for Ripon

It is the last set of digits which define the "Northings" which increase as you move north, and, as these are both in the same row of tiles (SE being immediately to the right of SD) it's safe to compare these directly.

This shows Tewitfield as the most northerly point by 73622-70848=2774.

Putting the decimal point in the right place shows this as 2.77 km, that's 1.72 miles.
Limit of Navigation at Ripon
Now the OS grid system overlays a rectangular grid on the curved sphere of the earth and that inevitably creates distortions, so perhaps that's caused an error.

Looking at the Latitude and Longitude will allow for the curvature of the earth and this shows
54.15613°N, 2.73785°W for Tewitfield
54.13250°N, 1.51843°W for Ripon

This time it's the first part of the reference we want to check, with the Latitude number increasing as we head north. This shows Tewitfield as 51.15613-54.13250=0.02363 degrees further north than Ripon.

Converting that angle into a distance at the earth's surface gives 2.63 km, that's 1.63 miles.
Rhodesfield Lock
I'm pleased to see the two methods give similar answers. Tewitfield is definitely north of Ripon and the difference is large enough that any small inaccuracies in deciding where the end of the canal is don't matter.

Before the Ribble Link was opened, Ripon was the most northerly point on the connected canal system and I suspect those quoting Ripon are using old information. Tewitfield has been the most northerly point on the connected canal system since the Ribble Link opened in 2002.

The Ribble Link Crossing, along the tidal rivers Douglas and Ribble to reach the Lancaster Canal, is no more, and no less, difficult than the journey along the tidal River Ouse to reach the Ripon Canal so I believe them to be equally connected to the main canal system.

Ripon still has a claim to fame, with the northernmost lock on the connected system being Rhodesfield Lock, about 1 km or 0.6 miles from Ripon.

Posted on Sunday, 10 November 2013 at 10:10

Category(s): Lancaster Canal , Ripon Canal

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More New Maps

New Cruising Maps

We've just released the latest Cruising Maps which include the Pennines (and more)

> Aire & Calder and Calder & Hebble Navigations
> Huddersfield Canals
> Lancaster Canal
> Lancaster Canal (Northern Reaches) (FREE)
> Leeds & Liverpool Canal
> Rochdale Canal
> South Pennine Ring
> Cotswold Canals (FREE)

As with all the other in the series these are available in two formats. The Acrobat (pdf)format is designed for printing in A4 sheets, or A5 if your eyesight is good enough. The Memory-Map (qct) format provides seamless mapping on Computers, Laptops, Android and iPhone/iPad devices and provides real-time tracking like a sat-nav on GPS enabled devices.

These are available for download or, for just £1 extra plus postage, they are available on CD in a box as well as by download, which gives you a tangible product which can be gift wrapped for a present.

Huddersfield Canals Example Map
Like all our other maps these come with a year of cost price updates - that's free if you ask for a new download link or £1 plus postage for a CD in a box.

Our England & Wales Cruising Maps now include these three new releases. If you have purchased an England & Wales Cruising Map in the last 12 months then you are entitled to a cost price update (£1 plus postage) to include these maps.

For any updates just email updates@waterwayroutes.co.uk for a new download link or no-obligation quote. Please include enough information so we can identify your original purchase, such as order number, CD/DVD number, name and address.