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Oxford Canal DVDs are released

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Oxford Canal DVD
Another great pair of canal DVDs are released from Waterway Routes covering the Oxford Canal.

Our cruise takes us northbound from Oxford to Hawkesbury Junction. Entering the Oxford Canal through the southern link from the River Thames, the Sheepwash Channel, we pass through Oxford. Then see the northern entrance through Duke's Cut and cruise north to Banbury.

Continuing our climb through the narrow locks we reach the summit pound before descending past the windmill at Napton.

The route shared with the Grand Union Canal will bring us to the attractive Braunston Turn where we turn left towards the double locks at Hillmorton, to reach the Coventry Canal at Hawkesbury Junction.

Oxford Canal DVDs
These are 1 hour DVDs retailing at £12.95 for the Popular version (rather like a television programme) and £7.95 for the Bowcam version (a speeded up forward facing camera for a little fun).

There’s also a Combined version at £19.90, with both Popular and Bowcam in one box saving £1 on the separate prices (and at least £1 postage).

They are in stock now, just waiting for you to order them, or any from our great range of canal DVDs.

Oxford Canal Cruising Maps
These DVDs are supported by the Oxford Canal Cruising Maps, available in Acrobat (pdf) and memory-Map (qct) formats.

The Oxford Canal DVDs (and all the Waterway Routes DVDs) as well as lots of other great ideas for Christmas will also be available from The Canal Shop Company (as soon as the postman delivers the box to Neil).

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Willow Wren Training

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Willow Wren Training 1

On our journey south we passed the new Willow Wren Training Centre at Nelson's Wharf, near the bottom of Stockton Locks.

It's the most impressive waterway training centre I've ever seen and, when the finishing touches are made, it will look even better.

Willow Wren Training 2

With three training boats based there it's an ideal location for their excellent range of courses, including:-
> Boat Handling
> Marine Radio VHF SRC
> ICC CEVNI Testing
> Diesel Engine Maintenance
> First Aid
> Boatmaster Training

Willow Wren Training 3

Steve and Izzie Vaughan look after their students well. Here's Steve giving us a grand send off - while Izzie is working hard in the office.

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Jaq & Les

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Jaq & Les

Heading south on the Grand Union Canal at Hemel Hempstead I was hailed by two towpath walkers. Fortunately my brain worked quickly enough to greet Jaq & Les by name and we picked them up for a short ride back towards their boat.

Taking up their invite for tea and cake we spent a lovely hour with them on Valerie chatting about all sort of boating matters before continuing south. It was great to meet Jaq for the first time in person.

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Rendezvous with No Problem

It's over a week since we set off south from Sherborne Wharf, in Birmingham for our summer cruise.

A little co-ordination meant we could spend the first evening moored next to Sue and Vic on No Problem. It was a while since we had seen them and they were trying to stay cheerful after the long running problems with their engine. Hopefully that will be sorted soon, with another new engine.

Waterway Routes and No Problem

We shared Knowle Locks as we continued our journey south - leaving Vic and Sue heading for the waterpoint at the foot of the locks.

Lucy & Stephen

Our journey south was helped by friends Lucy & Stephen who joined us for the first two days. From Sherborne Wharf to Leamington Spa - that's 82 locks miles - and neither day was particularly long. A big thank you to both of them.

We're now at Berkhamsted as we head for Brentford ready to start filming the Grand Union Canal for the next in our series of Canal DVDs.

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New Cruising Maps

New Cruising Maps

We've just released more Cruising Maps which cover:-

> Fossdyke & Witham and Tributaries
> River Trent

> Bedford and Milton Keynes Waterway (Proposed) – FREE
> Grantham Canal (Restoration) Cruising Map – FREE
> River Avon (Stratford) (Proposed Higher Navigation) Cruising Map – FREE
> River Slea and Horncastle Canal (Restoration) Cruising Map – FREE
> Wilts & Berks Canal (Restoration) Cruising Map – FREE
> Rivers Glen, Welland and Fens Link Cruising Map – FREE

As with all the others in the series these are available in two formats. The Acrobat (pdf) format is designed for printing in A4 sheets, or A5 if your eyesight is good enough. The Memory-Map (qct) format provides seamless mapping on Computers, Laptops, Android and iPhone/iPad devices and provides real-time tracking like a sat-nav on GPS enabled devices.

These are available for download or, for just £1 extra plus postage, they are available on CD in a box as well as by download, which gives you a tangible product which can be gift wrapped for a present.

The good news is that, like all the other maps for the restoration and proposed new projects, the last six on the list, are free to download.

Like all our other maps these come with a year of cost price updates - that's free if you ask for a new download link or £1 plus postage for a CD in a box.

All our maps have been updated this week, with all the latest waterway changes we know about and with new Ordnance Survey Background maps. They are all at issue 26, as shown on the list of Maps Issued

Our England & Wales Cruising Maps now include these new releases. If you have purchased an England & Wales Cruising Map in the last 12 months then you are entitled to a cost price update (£1 plus postage) to include these maps. If it is more than 12 months since purchase then you can still upgrade but there is a small charge to cover the cost of keeping the maps up to date.

For any updates just email for a new download link or no-obligation quote. Please include enough information so we can identify your original purchase, such as order number, CD/DVD number, or name and address.

We will be at the Crick Boat Show this weekend - in the Kingfisher Marquee. Please say hello if you are visiting.

If you would like to update or upgrade to the latest maps then it would be helpful, but not essential, to email in advance so I can have the paperwork ready.

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